Virtual Photography for furniture, flooring and textiles

Introducing colormass — instead of taking your products into a studio and photographing them in the traditional way, you can actually just send us a few mobile phone snapshots and we create high quality marketing images that you can use on your website or in your catalogs.

You are in good company

Teams of various sizes have already made colormass the place where they create their marketing images.

Collaborating with colormass to bring product renderings, concept nursery and children’s room shots, and 360-degree product videos to life has been absolutely game-changing for our business. From the initial brainstorming phase, all the way to the delivery of the final product, colormass is exceptionally easy to work with, as well as extremely efficient. We never have to doubt colormass‘ ability to action on the feedback we provide, and create stunningly realistic final products.

Justin Segal
Sr. Marketing Manager

I was tasked with producing a large number of images in a short space of time for a client’s new website. Commissioning photography of furniture across many different interiors settings would have been a monster of a task in terms of location scouting, prop building/decorating, logistics and cost. That’s where colormass came in. They were able to produce photo-realistic images for us, based on our briefs featuring the product in various settings, with a mix of camera angles, lighting etc. We simply could not have achieved what we did utilising photography alone and I realised that creatively, the sky’s the limit when it comes to producing imagery using CGI. Their attention to detail is phenomenal and their app is very user friendly. I found colormass to be very professional, helpful and talented, and I’ve been singing their praises to anyone who will listen. I very much look forward to working with them on future projects!

Jane Jardine
Art Director
Jane Jardine Design Ltd

We have previously worked with other 3D rendering companies and transitioning to colormass has been the best decision. From the beginning, their intention was to put us and our company first so that they could figure out what we required before starting our first project. Their communication with us didn’t just start and end in the beginning. It has continued throughout every project and seems to get even easier as we continue to work with them. They own the process from start to finish. We also really enjoy their user-friendly application where we can give feedback on all of our on-going projects. It not only allows us to see live updates as they edit our projects, but we can give comments within the app and link those comments to the image. In addition, we were impressed with how colormass takes our feedback and makes it even better with no complaints. The result of every project has exceeded our expectations and we look forward to every new opportunity to work with them.

Maria Tchakarov & Danielle Benedict
Content Marketing Specialist & Sr. Graphic Designer
The Stow Company

We have an exciting partnership with one of Europe’s leading 3D experts, colormass. Based in Berlin and specialists in the furniture industry, they have created a number of images for both ourselves and our customers – perfectly capturing the intricate detail necessary for furniture and textile photography. Allowing you complete creative freedom and control, colormass can be an effective way to ensure your furniture is represented in the highest quality – without the expense typically associated with traditional photography shoots.

Karl Hallam
Group Marketing Manager
Camira Fabrics