Data Exporter

Effortlessly extract and integrate data from master 3D files with our comprehensive Data Exporter. Seamlessly export 3D geometry and 3D material details, and essential data for streamlined integration into your workflows. See how the biggest manufacturers already use the Data Exporter module to simplify and scale their data distribution strategies.

One master file - many outputs

The colormass 3D content engine and conversion system ensures that you don't have to store multiple files for a single material or model. You can maintain a singular master definition and effortlessly generate various outputs in real-time. The colormass system is a first robust cloud-based 3D engine on the market that is able to dynamically generate different levels of outputs for different usecases. Prepare yourself for a remarkable transformation from conventional 3D file storage and sharing methods (via platforms such as Dropbox or Google Drive).

From a single 3D material definition, you have the ability to produce various outputs. You can generate outputs specifically for your customers (such as PBR or Tileable assets) or you can also generate assets used directly on the website (for example a 9in x 9in thumbnail).

Customer story

Maharam manages 3D data online

While many textile companies rely on a CMS for uploading and downloading textile assets like PBR, Tileable images, and thumbnails, Maharam takes advantage of the colormass Data Export API. This integration automates the incorporation of textile outputs, significantly reducing the previous manual efforts associated with these tasks.

"The quality and detail delivered by colormass products are unmatched. Their agile approach continuously improves their technology, and we are constantly surprised and awed by the possibilities colormass offers."

Robert Ortega, Director, Media

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3D file preparation is history

Previously, you might have created numerous 3D geometries manually—low-poly, high-poly files, and formats like .usdz and .gltf, particularly for AR projects. However, this is a thing of the past. With the colormass platform, you create a single master asset definition and dynamically generate other assets, including .usdz and .gltf formats, eliminating the need for manual file creation.