Automated PBR Tiling

At colormass we've crafted a scalable tool-set for tiling PBR materials. Our customers have tiled over 10,000 materials with these tools, clearly demonstrating that our technology significantly simplifies material tiling compared to any other available in the market.

New Era of Tiling

The colormass tiling tools made for tiling PBR materials beat existing image editing software. Among many advantages, it is:

  • Tailored for PBR: The tools that we have build are made specifically for creating materials that look realistic in 3D scenes, unlike general image editors.
  • Made for efficiency: They're built to work faster and smoother for tiling tasks, cutting down on time spent creating seamless textures.
  • Automated: Out tiling tools include automatic tiling algorithms that employ neural networks to tile PBR materials much quicker.

In a nutshell, if your team still uses image editors (e.g. Photoshop) to tile complex PBR materials you are not doing it right. Our cloud-based tiling tools are more efficient, specialized, and automated for creating high-quality PBR materials.


Introducing a suite of powerful tiling tools designed to revolutionize material tiling:

  • Auto Tiling: Simplifying material tiling with an automated approach, using easy marker placement for seamless results
  • Clone Stamp: A tool tailored for precise correction, allowing you to eliminate unwanted elements within scanned materials
  • Gradient Removal: Streamlining the process of eliminating gradients from PBR materials, ensuring uniformity and consistency

and many other.

Large patterns without tiling artifacts

Even if you scan materials outside of the colormass 3D ecosystem (e.g. Metis) it is entirely possible to use your scans and tile them with the colormass Automated Tiling tools.

On the left top image you can see an example where the properties were scanned correctly but the pattern was not recorded perfectly along the repeatable pattern so you can see that the pattern is not seamless, there are cuts on the front and on the side of the sofa. On the bottom image you can see our smart tiling technology in action: where the pattern is perfectly seamless.

See a slider comparison below.

Edit Materials

Once you are done tiling materials you can also edit and modify them in the colormass online material editor.

The world's first robust, web-based material editor. The colormass node-based material editor is the world's pioneering web-based tool for crafting materials. This innovative editor empowers you to build intricate material networks directly in your browser, transforming the creation of lifelike textures and surfaces.

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