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Matthew Agostinelli
Creative Director

DARRAN Furniture is a woman-owned, family-operated, high-quality mid-priced furniture manufacturer recognized for a broad spectrum of wood desk collections, reception stations, conference tables and seating solutions.

colormass helps Darran in transitioning its current catalog into the digital realm, providing a way for Darran's clients to effortlessly explore the endless possibilities of the Darran products.

Products used:

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The digital catalog

Introducing Darran Furniture, a forward-thinking company committed to elevating living spaces with elegance and refinement. Darran encountered a significant obstacle: how to effectively present the intricate details and countless options available in their extensive product catalog? Much of their product information was stored in lengthy .pdf files, some spanning hundreds of pages (for instance Honey 120 complete pricelist is approximately 186 pages long), you can see a small screenshot from this catalog on the right.

With a diverse range of products showcasing complex details, Darran Furniture needed a robust 3D platform capable of capturing the essence of their designs while encompassing the vast array of options outlined across these .pdf pricelists. colormass 3D platform offered the perfect solution, providing a comprehensive toolkit to store, showcase, and customize these products.

Through the colormass 3D platform the once static product catalog evolved into a dynamic, easy-to-use digital experience. Exploring various options is just a matter of a few clicks.

If you visit the Darran product pages you will notice two important things:

  1. The article number and the price are dynamically calculated
  2. The UI fits perfectly to the website to the Darran website

All the product information (including prices and article numbers) that correspond to a specific product are all being stored in a so called node-system in the colormass 3D engine. Thanks to this robust approach it can dynamically use and update product price calculations based on existing price lists that are provided in common formats (e.g. .xls, .csv etc.). This is exactly what we have done in case of Darran: the prices were provided in an .xls format and automatically integrated into the existing configuration options. When we refer to pricing logic, it's not merely about simple addition or subtraction; rather, it involves a sophisticated network graph considering intricate dependencies. For instance, selecting a specific wood option for the leg impacts the final price differently based on the chosen leg type.

The configurator is integrated via the colormass API, employing web components. This allows every aspect of the configurator to function like standard HTML elements, adaptable to the website's styling needs.