Rendering Platform

Empower your in-house team with scalable rendering capabilities using the colormass cloud-based rendering platform. Discover how certain companies transitioned from collaborating with third-party suppliers to bringing CG image creation in-house, all without the need to build an extensive 3D team thanks to the cloud-based rendering platform. Thanks to the cloud-based rendering platform, editing and rendering of 3D scenes are effortlessly done directly from the browser.

Virtual photography for furniture, flooring and textiles

Rather than depending on third-party providers, take control of your 3D scenes, library, and rendering requirements directly from your browser. Accessible from anywhere, the platform facilitates collaboration among team members through the online 3D infrastructure.

You are in good company

Teams of various sizes have already made colormass the place where they create their marketing images.

Customer story

Generating images using virtual environments

Through colormass's online self-service Rendering Platform, Maharam effortlessly produces various marketing images. The Maharam team employs multiple predefined virtual scenes as their standard setup, and generate photorealistic images for each material.

"For 3D visualization, the quality and detail delivered by colormass products are unmatched. Their agile approach continuously improves their technology, and we are constantly surprised and awed by the possibilities colormass offers. Our clients are too."

Robert Ortega, Director, Media

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See examples of images generated on the colormass Rendering Platform in different categories both in commercial and residential furniture (e.g.: office, bathroom, kitchen, juvenile, rugs etc).