A rigorous and holistic approach to design

"What’s most exciting about working with colormass, is that we don’t have a typical client/agency relationship. More than anything, we work with them as collaborators. They are willing to test, suggest, and iterate on our behalf. They understand that by experimenting, we all learn and benefit. This approach is why they are so good at what they do. For 3d visualization, the quality and detail delivered by colormass are unmatched. Their agile approach continuously improves their process, and we are constantly surprised and awed by the images we produce with them. Our clients are too."

Robert Ortega
Director, Media

colormass helps Maharam by reducing the cost of marketing image creation and also to ensure the quality and the consistency of large number of images.

Services used:

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Maharam is recognized for its uncompromising pursuit of distinction, rigor, and ingenuity. Through their ongoing investigation of evolving engineering techniques and processes—often from beyond their industry—Maharam pushes the potential of textiles to new heights. Graphic arts are of equal importance to textile design at Maharam. This approach spans each visual communication—from advertising campaigns to sampling to rubber bands to digital platforms to print publications.

Founded in 1902, Maharam is North America’s leading creator of textiles for commercial and residential interiors. Committed to a holistic approach to design, Maharam embraces a range of disciplines from product, graphic, and digital design to art and architecture. Maharam is available globally.

Test project

When we were first introduced to Maharam they were looking for a provider who could help them create images of their rugs as organizing photoshoots for these products was both expensive and labor-intensive.

The quality of the renders played an extremely important part in Maharam’s selection of a CGI partner; during their initial search they had not found a company whose photorealistic renders met their standards. As part of our first project together, we rendered approximately 10 images of rugs that were scanned using our proprietary material scanner.

Rug images

After the successful test project, Maharam asked us to generate previews of all their upcoming rug series. We have generated more than 60 rug images to date.