A rigorous and holistic approach to design

"What’s most exciting about working with colormass, is that we don’t have a typical client/vendor relationship. More than anything, we work with them as collaborators. They are willing to test, suggest, and iterate on our behalf. They understand that by experimenting, we all learn and benefit. This approach is why they are so good at what they do. For 3D visualization, the quality and detail delivered by colormass products are unmatched. Their agile approach continuously improves their technology, and we are constantly surprised and awed by the possibilities colormass offers. Our clients are too."

Robert Ortega
Director, Media

Maharam is North America's leading creator of textiles for commercial and residential interiors. Maharam is recognized for its uncompromising pursuit of distinction, rigor, and ingenuity. Through their ongoing investigation of evolving engineering techniques and processes—often from beyond their industry—Maharam pushes the potential of textiles to new heights.

Maharam uses the complete offering (ecosystem) of the colormass products and uses the various modules (configurators, images, exports) on a self-service basis to support its complete marketing needs.

Products used:

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Material Scanner in New York

We have built up a PBR scanner station in Maharam's New York - Photography Studio, completing the assembly of the scanner in approximately one week. The scanner was constructed based on the blueprint of the original colormass Generation v4 scanner.

This scanning device conducts around 1000 measurements to derive the optical characteristics of various materials. The operation of the scanner and the processing of its scans are handled by the Maharam team.

Rendering Platform (Images)

Once a textile has been scanned by a member of Maharam Media, it can be utilized for various purposes. First, leveraging colormass's online self-service Rendering Platform, Maharam can seamlessly generate product images. Currently, Maharam employs multiple predefined virtual scenes as their standard setup, and generates photorealistic images for various textiles.

Configurators and Exports

If you visit any of the Maharam product pages (e.g. Flex) you will see both Configurators (highlighted in pink) and Exports (highlighted in blue) seamlessly integrated into the website. These modules are automatically integrated into the website, eliminating the need for manual labor in order to include a fabric in the 3D configurator or to manage file downloads and uploads in the Maharam CMS.

Maharam also implemented a product selector on top of the colormass API and this way they are able to select in their own CMS the type of furniture piece that is displayed for each product (from the library of furniture pieces in the colormass platform). Therefore you will see that different products (e.g. Cumulus, Flex, Arabesque) have all uniquely set configurator product that can be set at any time by the Maharam team. Furthermore Maharam integrates both the tileable and PBR exports of the fabrics from the colormass platform (highlighted in blue).

The Maharam configurator was really well-received feature and during the first 6 months the configurator was used already 350.000 times and additionally the AR was accessed ca. 400 times, without the need to download an application.

On-the-fly AR Generation

The colormass 3D engine offers an automatic creation feature for AR models of products. These AR models can be used without the need for a dedicated app ("app-less AR"). Similar to the configurator section, this functionality eliminates the need for the manual generation of .gltf and .usdz files, which is required by all AR-capable phones and all of these files are automatically generated on the fly based on user interaction. Impressively, this feature was accessed 400 times within the initial 6 months. While this might seem modest, when compared to numerous manufacturers who create custom AR applications with approximately 1.000-2.000 downloads (which don't ensure active usage), Maharam achieved a comparable number within a very short timeframe without additional marketing efforts for the AR feature, showcasing its remarkable performance.