The colormass system offers a robust 3D Content Management backend that enables the configuration of intricate product logic and enables scalable product updates. It features a node-based system for setting up products, ensuring that any updates made to individual product components are automatically reflected across all instances where that element is used.

Material Editing in the Cloud

The world's first robust, web-based material editor. The colormass node-based material editor is the world's pioneering web-based tool for crafting materials. This innovative editor empowers you to build intricate material networks directly in your browser, transforming the creation of lifelike textures and surfaces.

Within this online editing system, you have a visually intuitive method to design and modify materials by linking different nodes that represent distinct properties and functions. This approach grants you precise control over a material's appearance, behavior, and how it interacts with light. Through this revolutionary web-based platform, you can seamlessly blend textures, adjust parameters, and observe real-time visualizations, all within the convenience of your browser.


On the colormass platform you can manage your own products: upload your 3D files, define configurations and many more.

An important part of our platform is that, the AR models are automatically generated from the products that you upload, so there there is no need for you to upload AR ready models. Those are created (both for Android and iOS) automatically.

If you don't have 3D files that's also no problem, the colormass team offers a digitization service as well for a one time fee.


You can request new finishes for your private library or just select existing ones from the colormass digital library. You can then apply thousands of existing materials to your products.


Once your products are uploaded you can customize the scene as well, you can modify the following details:

  • How the default camera is set
  • The lighting of the scene
  • Background color
  • AR and many other functionalities