A platform for putting together complicated product configurations with ease. Our robust backend ensures self-service functionality, granting you the autonomy to manage and refine specifications independently. The Configurator API allows for effortless integration of the configurator directly into your existing page, ensuring a seamless experience.

Customer story

VADO shifts the complete 3D online catalog to colormass

VADO is committed to moving all of their 3D product data to the colormass platform. VADO uses the self service version of the colormass platform. This means that colormass provides the 3D infrastructure/backend, the 3D viewer and the app-less AR technology and VADO manages the 3D data itself. After 3 months of the initial pilot project the colormass platform is already housing more than 120 products and the product ranges are still being expanded.

"Our partnership with colormass paves the way for the next generation of VIV using their web-integrated, trackerless AR technology."

Aaron Kennedy, Senior Graphic Designer

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Easily integrate with your eCommerce and ERP systems

With our easy integration system you can, with a few lines of code, integrate the 3D view of your products to any of your existing product pages. If you require more sophisticated integration between your eCommerce platform and your ERP system (e.g. calculating the price of certain combinations where the prices are fetched from the ERP system) that is also possible thanks to our easy to use API.

If you are interested in more details, please read our documentation here: Documentation

Custom application on top of the colormass API

The Designtex team has developed a custom online 3D application on top of the colormass infrastructure called DDS (Designtex Digital Studio). This custom application empowers users to visualize customized patterns in real time, offering a dynamic and interactive experience. This visualization capability is seamlessly integrated with Designtex's ecommerce platform, streamlining the process of pattern selection and customization for users. Ultimately, this system results in the production of the desired pattern, which is a printed sample.

You can see a short video for the overview of this tool below.

“With the launch of our Digital Studio, we’re equipping designers and architects with a tool that reduces their time to customize and produce materials, and we’re helping everyone within the design ecosystem maximize creativity and efficiency.” said Oriana Reich, VP of Marketing, Designtex.

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Dynamic pricing and SKU generation

The CPQ feature integrated into the configurator platform is a game-changer for businesses seeking efficiency and accuracy in their pricing processes. It dynamically generates prices and SKU numbers based on the unique configurations selected by each customer. This not only ensures consistency and reliability but also expedites the quoting process, freeing up valuable time for sales teams to focus on nurturing client relationships.

The CPQ feature also offers users the ability to instantly download comprehensive PDF documents detailing their customized selections. These PDFs not only include itemized pricing and SKU numbers but also provide a visually appealing layout that enhances professionalism and clarity. This seamless integration of pricing generation and PDF creation streamlines the entire sales cycle, empowering both customers and sales teams with the information they need to make informed decisions swiftly and confidently.

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Customer story

Maharam uses the colormass 3D Viewer

Maharam implemented a product selector on top of the colormass 3D Configurator API and this way the Maharam design team is able to select, in their own CMS, the type of furniture piece that is displayed for each product (from the library of furniture pieces available on the colormass platform). Therefore you will see that different products (e.g. Cumulus, Flex, Arabesque) have all uniquely set configurator product that can be set at any time by the Maharam team.

"Their agile approach continuously improves their technology, and we are constantly surprised and awed by the possibilities colormass offers. Our clients are too."

Robert Ortega, Director, Media

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3D configurator for businesses

Tailored for businesses with intricate 3D requirements and demanding infrastructure needs, the colormass Configurator stands out. Built upon colormass' exclusive lifelike 3D technology, it not only delivers photorealistic product displays but also excels in managing complex logic and data. Offering compatibility across a wide range of devices, it operates seamlessly without the necessity of plugins, ensuring an exceptional uptime of 99%. Book a demo now to learn more!

App-less AR

No matter how complicated your products are our system generates the AR models automatically so you don't need to decide between preparing a low poly AR model or a high quality 3D viewer, with our configurator you get both. Our AR technology is used by thousands of customers every day and these customers only need to scan a QR code to view a product in their space (no need to download any kind of app or plugin).

These QR codes can be saved out as a regular images and can be printed and used in catalogs as well (see the two images on the left). So your customers can try your products directly from your catalog.

If you want to try an AR technology that is used every day by industry leaders then you should try the colormass AR feature.

Only at colormass

Major textile producers worldwide, such as Designtex and Maharam, are using colormass for digitizing their fabric collections. With over 10,000 fabrics already digitized and available for integration.

If you are a furniture manufacturer that uses these fabrics and would like to display them the colormass platform is an ideal choice because there's no additional cost associated with using these existing fabric options from the library.

Any browser and device

Works on any modern browser and device without any need for plugins.

Works with your data

No matter what pre-existing CAD data you have (for example: .dwg, .obj, .stp etc.) the final result will always be the same: a realistic configurable 3D view of your product.