Virtual Photography for furniture, flooring and textiles

Introducing colormass — instead of taking your products into a studio and photographing them in the traditional way, you can actually just send us a few mobile phone snapshots and we create high quality marketing images that you can use on your website or in your catalogs.

You are in good company

Teams of various sizes have already made colormass the place where they create their marketing images.

Customer story

Bringing dream nurseries to life for millions of families

Producing a large number of images is something that Storkcraft perfected (in cooperation with colormass) over the years and for each new product launch producing the necessary images is becoming more and more convenient by each product launch.

"Collaborating with colormass to bring product renderings, concept nursery and children’s room shots, and 360-degree product videos to life has been absolutely game-changing for our business."

Justin Segal, Director of Product & Brand Management

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Customer story

Step forward for the brand

Using virtual photoshoots by colormass can also mean extending or improving your current capabilities. Learn more about how Bathroom Brands used colormass to extend it's existing imagery.

"The new environments they created for us blew people away in the office, with many not believing it was CGI! They were so good we used one for the cover of our brand brochure which is distributed worldwide!"

Kate Longley, Graphic Designer

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