Computer Graphics Engineer (C++/Python)


The role is to develop concepts, implement algorithms and come up with solutions for the creation, storage and delivery of 3D data, including both forms (geometry) and materials (surface properties). More specifically, our development areas include color calibration, BSDF capturing, image processing, 3D reconstruction, geometry segmentation, mesh processing and photorealistic rendering.

Don’t worry if you have not heard of all of these concepts, we are not looking for lexical knowledge but rather enthusiasm in computer graphics. If you love 3D, have experience in software development and are good at solving tough problems, then chances are, this position is for you!

What we offer
How to apply?

Please send your application to with the following information:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us: +49 30 6920 6200 or send an email to the above mentioned email address.

About colormass

We believe that as the technology advances, peoples daily lives will become dominated by 3D. At colormass, our vision is to create the realistic digital assets for this virtual world. Today we are accomplishing this by capturing the true physical nature of the forms and materials that exist in the world around us.

Our mission began in the furniture industry, where our technology is already being used to replace traditional photo shoots.

colormass was also selected to compete in the most prestigious startup competition, TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco (the “world championship” of young companies), as one of the most innovative startups.