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"Collaborating with colormass to bring product renderings, concept nursery and children’s room shots, and 360-degree product videos to life has been absolutely game-changing for our business. From the initial brainstorming phase, all the way to the delivery of the final product, colormass is exceptionally easy to work with, as well as extremely efficient. We never have to doubt colormass‘ ability to action on the feedback we provide, and create stunningly realistic final products."

Justin Segal
Director of Product & Brand Management

colormass helps Storkcraft by generating a large number of silo and lifestyle images and also by bringing the products closer to the customers by showcasing the functionalities of the products in a video form.

Services used:

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Nothing is more important to a parent than their child, and Storkcraft is very passionate about helping families bring their dream nurseries and kids rooms to life. It’s been that way since 1945, when the Storkcraft dream was born. Their authentic passion, love, and drive for serving the #StorkcraftFamily and bringing dream nurseries and kids rooms to life for millions of families across North America only grows stronger.

Room scene images

It is Storkcraft's mission to inspire millions of families to furnish nurseries in a better way. As a direct consequence of their vision they take creating a large number of room scene images seriously. From the get-go Storkcraft understood the importance of developing an ecosystem of assets (room scenes) that can be used and modified over and over again. Since the four years we have been working together Storkcraft created over 50+ rooms and 500+ variations of these rooms. This means creating more than 50 rooms from scratch but then reusing these rooms to create variations of the environment by swapping out props, products and wallpapers and essentially from the original base rooms creating 500+ completely unique environments. On the right you can see 3 different room scenes and 3 variations of each room scene, so 9 unique environments in total.

White background images

No matter whether the product is a crib, dresser or a toy, Storkcraft created a set of standard camera angles to use for each product. This way the consistency of the product shots is given. The white background images not only show the products from various angles but also many of them showcase the stages of the crib or functionalities of the product. See some examples below.

Videos - 360°

To take the marketing content creation to the next level Storkcraft also decided to produce a number of videos that showcase the products in more detail. The type of videos that we are creating are divided into two categories: 360 videos and functionality videos. 360 videos are videos of the products turned in 360 degrees. Functionality videos on the other hand are animations that showcase the functionality of the product. Below you can see two examples of the 360 degree videos.

Videos - functionality

The second category is the functionality videos. As you can see in the two examples functionality videos can showcase many different use cases of the product or features that are important to the customers but are not necessarily visible/emphasized on the white background images. The soundtrack of the animations below was selected by Storkcraft from a music stock site.