Turning disorganized spaces into organized ones

"We have previously worked with other 3D rendering companies and transitioning to colormass has been the best decision. From the beginning, their intention was to put us and our company first so that they could figure out what we required before starting our first project. Their communication with us didn’t just start and end in the beginning. It has continued throughout every project and seems to get even easier as we continue to work with them. They own the process from start to finish. We also really enjoy their user-friendly application where we can give feedback on all of our on-going projects. It not only allows us to see live updates as they edit our projects, but we can give comments within the app and link those comments to the image. In addition, we were impressed with how colormass takes our feedback and makes it even better with no complaints. The result of every project has exceeded our expectations and we look forward to every new opportunity to work with them."

Maria Tchakarov & Danielle Benedict
Content Marketing Specialist & Sr. Graphic Designer

colormass helps The Stow Company by bringing great looking storage concepts to life and by showcasing the variations and functionalities of these products

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Headquartered in Holland, Michigan and established over 30 years ago, The Stow Company manufactures a complete range of organization solutions for all areas of the home. Their products include closet organizers, garage storage systems, pantry organizers, wall beds, laundry storage, entertainment centers, mudroom storage and more. They are one of the only companies covering the spectrum of residential organizational solutions from high-end, dealer-supplied custom solutions to do-it-yourself storage systems available online and in retail stores.

Test project

When we were first introduced to Maria and Danielle they were on the look out for CGI partners. Both in terms of lead time and scale they saw a lot of room for improvement in the service they were receiving and we were lucky to be considered as a partner to fill this gap. As part of the first test project our task was to create six environments and generate a few variations of the products in each environment. For some of the concept images there were approx. 15-20 feedback rounds and Maria and Danielle first hand experienced that we really mean it when we say our team works on the images until you love the final outcome. You can see selected examples of the images we prepared on the right.

New environments and variations

Once the test project was successful we were tasked to generate images of many more variations of various products. We developed environments by following the art direction of Maria and Danielle for each product grouping and inside these groupings we generated the wide variety of options. Our proprietary 3D infrastructure made it possible to manage the complex network of environments and products variations and pair them up based on the requirements.

Silo images

Next to these great looking room scene images we also generated a fair amount of silo images. Not only of the cabinets themselves, in many cases we also generated parts of the cabinet like drawers, shelves, hardware etc. See some examples below.