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“Designtex had been searching for visualization solutions and lucky for us, colormass reached out at just the right time. Providing a holistic approach that seemed almost too good to be true, the team proved themselves to be the right partner – providing excellent technical capabilities in material capture, 3D rendering and visualization. Not only did their skillset and output exceed expectations but working with colormass has been a pleasure - the team is engaged, collaborative and patient, always willing to translate highly technical aspects of the process, brainstorm future possibilities and suggest solutions.”

Kendall Todd
Senior Manager, Product Launch

Designtex is the leading company in the design and manufacturing of applied materials for the built environment. A recognized innovator, they are known for their rigorous and dedicated approach to research and development of textiles and wallcoverings with reduced environmental impact.

Designtex uses the complete offering (ecosystem) of the colormass products and uses the various modules (configurator, rendering platform, data exporter) on a self service basis to support its complete marketing needs.

Products used:

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It was clear from the beginning that Designtex was quite experienced with 3D companies and technologies. Prior to our conversations, Designtex explored competing scanning services (e.g. XRite, Vizoo, Metis etc.) but was searching for a solution that overcame issues they faced with other technologies, primarily with large scale patterns and quality of the scan. After the first conversation we agreed to proceed with a pilot project.

During the test project, Designtex compared multiple solutions by capturing the same materials to produce the same images with different scanning technologies. In the end, colormass’s technology outperformed capturing of physical properties and we feel honored that we were selected as a partner to implement the complete 3D infrastructure for Designtex.

Material Scanning

We have built up a scanner station within Designtex's Portland office, completing the assembly of the scanner in approximately one week. The scanner was constructed based on the blueprint of the original colormass Generation v4 scanner.

This scanning device conducts around 1000 measurements to derive the optical characteristics of various materials. The operation of the scanner and the processing of its scans are handled by the Designtex team.

The comprehensive Designtex digital library, on the colormass platform, already encompasses over 4000 materials. The Designtex team utilizes the entire colormass ecosystem, allowing for a completely self-service use of all offered colormass products such as Configurators, Images, and Exports. This streamlined approach empowers Designtex to digitize materials, generate images, create custom configurators, and export digital materials (Tileable and PBR) at a significantly reduced cost compared to engaging a third party for all these tasks involving 4000 materials.

Rendering Platform (Images)

Through colormass's online self-service Rendering Platform, Designtex effortlessly produces thousands of images. Currently, the Designtex team employs multiple predefined virtual scenes as their standard setup, and generate photorealistic images for each material.

Among these scenes, two are consistently applied across almost all of products featured on One scene presents an abstract setup, conveying the feel of the product (see above). The second scene features a chair within a room, offering a simple yet effective portrayal of the product's scale within a simple and realistic environment (see below). If you visit any of the Designtex products, you will most likely you'll encounter these images, see Mydleton as an example: once you scroll down you will see both of these images appear there.

Configurators and Exports

If you visit any of the Designtex product pages (e.g. Geometric II) you will see both Configurators (highlighted in pink) and Exports (highlighted in blue) seamlessly integrated into the website. These modules are automatically integrated into the website, eliminating the need for manual labor to ensure fabric compatibility with the 3D configurator or to manage file downloads and uploads in the Designtex CMS. This integration is directly facilitated through the colormass API.

Within the Exports section, two export types — Tileable and PBR — are created and both of these sections contain three subtypes are generated:

  • High-resolution .tiff
  • High-resolution .jpg
  • Low-resolution .jpg

Additionally, a flat thumbnail, standardized at 7in x 7in, is generated for every product. These exports are connected to a central material management system where the Designtex team can manage the color and other aspects of the material and regenerate these outputs.

Custom Application (Digital Design Studio)

The Designtex team has also developed a custom application on top of the colormass infrastructure called DDS (Digital Design Studio). You can see a short video for the overview of this tool.

The colormass system seamlessly integrates with the EPR (Epicor) system, enabling the automatic creation of essential visuals and files for each order. This includes a PDF master file tailored for printing purposes. This automation significantly eliminates the requirement for manual order processing. Shortly after its launch, this system enabled the effortless fulfillment of hundreds of sample orders for Designtex. Take a look at some of these custom printed samples below.

The Digital Design Studio was also featured in design\milk.