Why Virtual Photoshoots?

Here we’re highlighting the advantages of utilising virtual photoshoots in comparison to the traditional process.

Unlimited variations

Consistent e-commerce imagery

We fine-tune the studio setup to match your branding guidelines. We know how hard it is to develop consistent marketing imagery, that is why we always save the following settings for you:

  • Background/floor/reflections
  • Lighting
  • Camera angles

This way you don’t have to worry about brand image consistency. Every time we create a new image, it can have the same look & feel as the previous. We can even provide you with the contact shadows as a separate layer, then you can switch it on or off so you can use said image however you like.

Any location you can imagine

The only limit to what we can create is your imagination. Whether you scout your locations from boutique-homes.com, officesnapshots.com or any other site, you only have to send us a couple of images of the space and we can recreate it for you virtually. The best part is: you don’t even have to ship your products! asdfasdfasdf

“Difficult to mount” products

Does your product fall into the category of kitchens, bathrooms, built-in cabinets, fireplaces, tiles, rugs, carpets, flooring or anything similar where mounting or installing the product presents a challenge in itself? Then virtual photoshoots are here for you!

Just like we can create a complete environment for you, we can also place built-in products in the scene with no problem at all. If you come to decide to swap the handles, change the finishes or use a different floor, it all can be done with ease!

Capacity and turnaround time

We can satisfy projects with very high requirements. Per customer, we are equipped to deliver up to around 500 white background and 40 lifestyle images each month. If your project is bigger, please let us know a couple of weeks in advance, so we can accommodate your image needs accordingly.

Create a lots of images with little effort

    Non-existent product

    The time between manufacturing your final product and developing marketing images is often very limited. We can create your product images without the finished product. All we need from you is:

    • Any kind of design documents or
    • Sketches or line drawings or
    • CAD files

    This process even allows you to test the market demands for your products or variants without having to first manufacture.